Handy Chrome Shortcuts

Google chrome finds its way into more and more homes and more users every day.

Below are a few useful shortcuts that you might just not know about.

  1. Manage Tabs
Ctrl+t Open new tab
Ctrl+w/Ctrl+F4 Close tab (or close Chrome if only one tab is open)
Ctrl+Shift+t Reopen last tab closed. Up to 10 tabs.
Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 Jump to first tab, second tab, etc.
Ctrl+9 Switch to the last tab
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch to the next / previous tab
(or use ctrl+page up/ctrl+page down)
Ctrl+n Open new Chrome window
Ctrl+Shift+n Open new Chrome window in incognito mode
Alt+F4 Close current window
Ctrl and click on link Open link in a new background tab
Shift+ctrl and click on link Open link in a new foreground tab
Shift and click on link Open link in a new window
Alt and click on link Download link
Drag link to existing tab Open link in selected tab
Drag link to tab bar Open link in a new tab in the specified position on the tab strip.


  1. Address Bar
Alt+d/Ctrl+l Jump to address bar; highlights current webpage URI if available
Ctrl+e Enter search query in address bar
Home/End in address bar Jump to beginning / end of address bar
Ctrl+a in address bar Select all text of address. Also use shift+end with cursor at beginning or shift+homewith cursor at end
Type name of site and press Ctrl+Enter Add www. to beginning and .com to end of input and opens the web address in current tab.
Type name of site and press Alt+Enter Add www. to beginning and .com to end of input and opens the web address in new background tab.
Type search term and press Enter Perform a search using the search engine associated with the keyword or the URI.


  1. View Webpages
F6 Alternate focus between address bar and webpage
Arrow Down/Arrow up with focus on webpage Scroll down / scroll up
Page Down/Page Up Scroll one page down / one page up. Also use space/shift+space
Home/End Jump to beginning / to end of webpage
Ctrl++ / Ctrl+- Zoom in / zoom out (or ctrl+mousewheel)
Ctrl+0 (zero) Return to normal text size
Ctrl+u View webpage source
F11 Turn full screen on / off


  1. Browse between Webpages
Alt+Home Jump to homepage
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Jump to previous webpage visited / jump to next webpage
F5/Ctrl+r Reload current webpage
Ctrl+F5/Shift+F5 Reload current webpage with cache override
Esc Stop webpage loading


  1. Browse within Webpages
Tab/Shift+Tab with focus on webpage Jump to next / previous link
Enter on link Open link in current tab
Ctrl+Enter on link Open link in a new background tab
Shift+Ctrl+Enter on link Open link in a new foreground tab
Shift+enter on link Open link in a new window
Alt+enter on link Download link
Shift+F10 Open context menu (simulate right mouse button)
Ctrl+a Select all content on webpage
Ctrl+c with content selected Copy selected content to clipboard


  1. Access Browser Features
Ctrl+p Print current webpage
Ctrl+o Open file
Ctrl+s Save current webpage
Alt+f Open Wrench Menu (I’d call it file menu to remember the shortcut)
Ctrl+h Open History tab
Ctrl+j Open Downloads tab


  1. Search
Ctrl+f Find text on webpage
Enter with text found on webpage Find next match
Shift+Enter with text found on webpage Find previous match
Esc Close Search Window
Ctrl + Enter with text found on webpage If current highlighted found text is part of a link, open that link.


  1. Bookmarks Shortcuts
Ctrl+Shift+b Show or hide bookmarks bar
Ctrl+d Add bookmark for current webpage
Ctrl+Shift+d Add bookmark for current webpage and edit details
Drag URI to bookmark bar Bookmark webpage (can be URI from address bar or link from page)
Alt+d, then f6 Jump to bookmark toolbar. Use arrow keys and enter to access bookmarks
Alt+f, then b Open Bookmark Manager Tab


  1. The Rest
Shift+Alt+t Set focus on the toolbar. Use arrow keys to navigate between different buttons on the toolbar.
Ctrl+Shift+i/Ctrl+Shift+j Open Developer Tools / JavaScript Console
Shift+Esc View Google Task manager
F1 Chrome Help


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