How to change network location type (Public or Private) in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Settings UI and the Network flyout is completely different from the look and feel of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The options have been moved around somewhat and it is not necessarily clear on how to change the network type – private or public. Below is a quick illustrated guide of how to can change the network location type in Windows 10.

When you are signing in to your account for the very first time, Windows 10 asks you which kind of network you are connecting to: Home or Public. - win10 publicprivate

If you select Yes, Windoes 10 will configure it as a private network and turn on network discovery. For a Public network, file, printer and other PC discovery and access will be limited. If you need to access your computer from a remote PC or browse the PCs and devices on your local network, you need to set it to Home (Private).

If you decide later to change the access type of the network you are connected to, you might struggle to find which settings to change!

Changing the network access type via the Settings app

1. Open the Settings app. The easiest way to access this is by typing in ‘settings’ in the search bar (Cortana) bottom left.

2. Click the Network and Internet icon. - win10 publicprivatesettings

3. Depending on the way you are connected to your network, you need to click the appropriate subcategory on the left. If you are using a wired connection, click on Ethernet. If you are using some wireless connection, click on Wi-Fi. - win10 publicprivatesettings1

4. Click on the connection name on the right. In my case, it is named just “Ethernet”: - win10 publicprivatesettings2

5. On the next page, turn on the switch Find devices and content to make this connection Private. If you turn off this switch, this will make your network Public. - win10 publicprivatesettings3

and that’s it. you can now close all of the open windows/apps.

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