Troubleshoot and Fix Office 2013 Problems with Repair

If you’re having problems with any Office 2013 program like Word 2013, Excel 2013 or Outlook 2013, you can always perform a repair, which will try to fix any issues that may be causing the program to not load properly or  some other type of problem.

To repair Office 2013, you first have to open the Control Panel and then click on Programs and Features.


Click on Office 2013 and then click on the Change button.


Next, click on the Repair radio button and click Next. This will start the repair process.


It’ll take some time to repair and once it has finished, you’ll see a message saying the configuration of Office 2013 is complete. You’ll then have to restart the computer in order for the repair to complete.


Repair is a great Office tool that I have used in many previous versions of Office to fix things like ghost feedback in Word, Outlook PST and email problems, etc. If Office 2013 is running slow or having some other issue, try performing a repair and hopefully it will fix your problem.

If problems still occur then give me a call!


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